Does your cat suffer from tangles or mats? A greasy or overly dry coat? Trouble during shedding season? Frequent hairballs? Is your (older) cat struggling to maintain their coat?

Cats with overweight, arthritis, or dental pain often cannot properly care for their fur.

Tangles can be extremely painful, making petting, walking, and grooming an unpleasant experience for your cat. Once the cat is freed from these tangles, they quickly improve. They become playful, seek attention, and thoroughly enjoy life again. Regular grooming sessions at the cat grooming salon are essential. This way, your cat can be combed and cared for preventively, ensuring they remain a happy cat.


What is matting?

If a cat has tangles and cannot remove them, these tangles will eventually turn into matted areas. This can occur anywhere on the cat's body, but often starts on the back. Cats suffering from this often cannot reach their back or hips properly. This can be due to arthritis, dental problems, overweight, or other physical conditions. Sometimes it's simply because the cat has so much hair in the front that they can't reach the back. These matted areas cause pain when walking, sitting, and sleeping. Once this stage is reached, the only solution is to shave off these areas. Sometimes it's just a few spots, but sometimes the entire coat needs to be shaved.

Most cats are easier to handle in my grooming salon than at home. The unfamiliar environment and the treatment by a new person make an impression on the cat, making them often more manageable.