Hello there! I am Pennylane Kieft, a lifelong cat lover. My passion for cats has led me to a career as a veterinary assistant. Since 2003, I have been working at Dierenkliniek Kenaupark in Haarlem, where I dedicate my daily work to my love for animals.

In 2011, I discovered my talent and joy in cat grooming. I further developed these skills at Kenaupark and took the necessary courses there. In 2021, I decided to set up my own small grooming salon in my shed, entirely focused on cat care. This dedicated space allows me to groom and trim cats in a professional and comfortable manner. With my extensive experience, in-depth knowledge, and all the necessary tools, I ensure your cat receives the best possible care in my small cat grooming salon.

I have also been a qualified cat behaviorist since 2008, which enables me to understand not only the physical needs of your cat but also their behavior and well-being. I am ready to offer advice and guidance to ensure your cat feels at ease during the grooming process and that the entire experience is positive and stress-free.