To make things easier, I offer the same rate for both long-haired and short-haired cats. Only shaving incurs an additional fee.



  • Short-haired coat-friendly treatment including nail trimming: €60 (nail trimming is standard; I do not groom without trimming the nails)
  • Long-haired coat-friendly treatment including nail trimming: €60
  • Duo treatment for 2 cats: €115 (with a €5 discount)
  • Full shave due to matting or tangles: €12.50 additional fee
  • VIP treatment: Only available with a 2-month interval booking, €37.50. This includes checking for small tangles and removing them, thorough combing, nail trimming, cleaning ears and eyes if necessary, dental check, weighing, and flea or worm treatment (bring your own).
  • Show treatment: Custom treatment including thorough combing, nail trimming, washing, and drying €97.50 (duration: 2 hours)
  • Grooming for long or short hair including washing: €87.50
  • Wash and dry only: €47.50
  • Belly trim: €30
  • Sanitary trim: €27.50
  • Nail trimming only: €15
  • Microchipping: €30
  • Litter chipping: €25 per kitten (available at home upon request, €0.23 per km, only by email request)
  • Melatonin injection: €15


If your cat has fleas that I discover during the treatment, I charge an additional €12.50 for disinfecting the salon.


Dierenkliniek Kenaupark applies different prices, which can be found on their website

If you miss an appointment or cancel less than 24 hours in advance, I will have to charge the full grooming fee.