Location Nieuw-Vennep

Looking for a grooming salon where your beloved cat will be pampered? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place!

My goal is to make your furry friend feel completely at home and spoiled in my enchanting cat grooming salon.


But why should you have your cat trimmed or groomed?

While many are familiar with dog grooming, cat grooming is not yet a common concept. However, many cats can greatly benefit from proper coat care through a trimming or grooming session. Fortunately, more and more people are finding their way to my salon to have their cats groomed. It is rare to find salons that specialize in this.

Cats are different from dogs, not only in their behavior but also in the specific care they needs.


Additionally, I run my own Maine Coon cattery, called Cattery Pennylane. This means that I not only have a passion for cat care but also a deep understanding of the various breeds and their special requirements.

So, whether you have a purebred cat or a wonderful house cat, feel free to bring them to my grooming salon. I will ensure they are treated with love and care so they feel their best and look stunning.

Contact me today and give your cat the pampering they deserve at Catsalon-Pennylane. 


Location Haarlem 

I groom cats at Dierenkliniek Kenaupark in Haarlem only on Mondays. Here, I can treat cats that need light sedation,

which I am not permitted to do at my home salon.

You can make an appointment through the online booking system at either Nieuw-Vennep or Haarlem.

Please be careful to choose the correct location.


Besides grooming, I can also chip and administer melatonin to cats.