On June 1st, Lexie gave birth to 8 beautiful kittens: 6 males and 2 females. The kittens are named after various roller coasters in the Netherlands. We lost 2 kittens sadly. Girl Lost Gravity and boy Gholiat did not make it, unfortunately. So now we have 6 kittens.


  • Pennylane Drako: Male, Black Silver Tabby Blotched
  • Pennylane Untamed: Male, Black Silver Tabby Blotched
  • Pennylane Falkor: Male, Black Silver Tabby Blotched
  • Pennylane Eat My Dust: Male, (Cream) Red (Smoke)
  • Pennylane Condor: Male, (Cream) Red (Smoke)
  • Pennylane Skydiver: Female, Black Smoke


  • Pennylane Lost Gravity: Female, Black (Silver) Tortie R.I.P
  • Pennylane Gholiat: Male, Cream Red R.I.P


Currently, all kittens are under observation. If you are interested, you can express your preference. Visits will be scheduled around 9 to 10 weeks of age to ensure the kittens' and mother's well-being and protection.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. Include information about yourself, your family, your home, and other pets and children.

We only place our kittens in homes with enclosed gardens or balconies.